Pivotal CRM

PivotalCRM is a fully customisable CRM platform that allows you to build solutions tailored to your business process.  Custom data entry forms, workflows and reporting all built on the Microsoft architecture.

Our flagship product is the Pivotal Finance System, a unique customisable solution for Mortgage Intermediary and General Insurance broking.

The team at Pritchard Consulting have been building, deploying and supporting customers using custom built PivotalCRM solutions since 1997.  As a leading UK PivotalCRM development partner we work with clients to build solutions that automate sales, marketing and customer services.

We provide PivotalCRM software licensing, maintenance, support and customisation services to clients across a wide range of sectors.

PivotalCRM UX is built upon Visual Studio, Microsoft IIS and Microsoft SQL Server.  The interface is clean, intuitive and highly customisable.  Enabling us to build dashboards and workflow processing bespoke to each client’s requirements at speed.

A flexible choice of Deployment.

Whatever your organization requires, Pivotal CRM can be deployed to suit it. Whether on your own premises, completely in the cloud backed by the security of Azure or AWS, or a hybrid of the two, PivotalCRM offers highly flexible deployment options.

The infrastructure and managed services team work with your requirements to design the best deployment solution for your business.

PivotalCRM for Small Business.

Not just for large organisations – using Microsoft Azure and a single Virtual Windows Server model we are able to implement cost effect CRM solutions that smaller clients can be confident in.  With this model we can provide dedicated implementations that support personalisation, growth and scalability without loss of data ownership.